When I first started this project, I faced the problem that there were not as much as tutorials on authenticating Spotify users as I expected. That’s why I decided on publishing my approach to this problem.

This will be a series of two articles. In the first one I’m going…


To put one thing straight right away, I did not get rich with this algorithm. It was only a experiment, but a very successful one. I started out with a stake of 120€ on April 17th 2021 and ended up with 381€ on May 18th 2021. During this period of…


This tutorial will not be an introduction to unit testing in React, so if you’re looking for something like that, I’m not sure if this is the right tutorial. But feel free to read on anyway!


You will easily follow this tutorial if you meet following prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of…

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Being a Mac User, I avoided setting up Android Studio for quite a time, because running an iOS emulator on macOS is quite easy. So I decided to write this short tutorial in order to help you to get started with emulating Android apps with Expo the easiest way possible!

Download Android Studio

Does the title sound too good to be true? Well, with a lot of hard work and a clear plan everyone who is willing to invest some time is able to achieve the same goal as I did. …

Recently a small company approached me and asked me to develop a tool which automatically inserts signatures in form of pngs/jpgs to pdf files. In some cases they have contracts consisting out of hundreds of single pages and on every of these pages they needed to insert a digital signature…

In my previous articles I described how to integrate MongoDB to Next.js and how to store data to MongoDB with Next.js. Feel free to check out these stories if you need to fresh up your knowledge regarding NextJs.

In this post we will talk about how to pre-render dynamic routes…


In my first post of this series I explained how I managed the authentication process with ReactNative and Spotify. In this article right here I’m going to explain how I created my own Spotify player with the swipecard animations. For a quick demo watch this video.

You check out the…

In my previous post I blogged about how you can set up MongoDB in order to establish a connection to your database within a Next.js project and how to read data from your database. So if you missed it, feel free to read that post first!

Setting up your custom API route

Normally, when creating a…

We will go through the process of integrating MongoDB to your Next.js web application step by step. If you are working on a fullstack project, sooner or later you probably will get into the situation where you need to connect your web app to a database. In this blog post…

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Hi there ✌🏽My name is Kevin and I'm a junior software developer from Hamburg! I'm interested in everything concerning Data Science and Web Development!

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